Water Filtration

Ultra Filter Replacement (set of 4} I style Water Filter fits coolers with inline filters.

Inline water filter SET of 4 including: sediment, pre-carbon, UF - ultrafilter membrane, post carbon

NSF labeled

1/4" post receives "John Guest type push fitting and will replace Hyundai, Purlogix, Vertex, Wellsys, and any cooler using I type inline water filter

This set replaces the factory set up. The reverse osmosis is converted to ultra-filter and the TCR is eliminated. Our experienc reveals the reverse osmosis membrane develops a dirty reservoir over time and the UF does not. Even with a very low TDS reading we find a dirty film all over the reservoir during service. Don't be afraid to change the set up, this UF set up makes cleaner water.


Youtube Video: How to change filters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCyy3zMgpJM


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